Visamor Support

Upon starting the application, you will see a screen showing the Visamor logo as well as indicators showing that the application is loading remote data. If the device that you are using does not have any internet connection, the application will still be able to run. If there is no connection available upon the initial start of the application after the first download of the application, you may not have any data shown on any of the screens

Collections Tabs

On the bottom of the screen, you may see a number of icons. These icons specify specific photo collections that are available to the application. These collections contain any number of albums which is displayed in a table.


The table of albums list the individual attributes for a photo album

  • Name of the album
  • The date specified for the album
  • A description of the album
  • A thumbnail image that represents an example of the contents of the album
Album Gallery View
The album gallery view screen shows each of the photos contained in the album listed out as a grid. Selecting a photo in the grid will take you to a full screen representation of the photo