Java Enterprise solutions based on the JEE platform still form a majority of the Enterprise Java solutions world wide. In general, it utilizes a 3 tier architecture of:

  • Client: A web browser displaying dynamically generated HTML & Javascript
  • Server: A JEE application solution hosted on an application server such as Tomcat, Websphere, or Weblogic. This application contains the business logic that receives requests from the client, processes it via the business logic while interfacing with data stores, and then generates and sends the appropriate response to the client
  • Database: Usually an RMDBS such as Oracle or DB2. This stores all of the data required by the application
Sobetech has over a decade of experience in creating Java Enterprise solutions. In addition to the basic architecture outlined above, Sobetech has vast experience integrating JEE elements with the following:
  • JMS – Java Messaging Service
  • Web Services – Hosted on Windows, JEE or any other platform
  • EJB – Enterprise Java Beans
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