iOS Application Functionality and Pricing

Base Pricing

The basic pricing for your iPhone application is $1500. This covers:

  1. The collaboration and development time and costs
  2. Application architecture
  3. Working with your marketing team on branding your new application
  4. Integration of the functionality you purchased
  5. Submitting of the application to the Apple App Store as well as processing it through the approval process

Unfortunately, this will not get you much of an application. Sobetech provides a vast array of functionalities from you to choose from. Choose any or all of functionality that you wish to use today and even add on tomorrow.

Application Functionalities

Sobetech builds their products to be easy to expand and modify as your company expands. They can be customized a little or a lot. The starting prices for the additional functions include basic customizations such as fonts, colors and arrangements. Prices for additional customizations are subject to the complexity of the customization and are based on mutually negotiated agreement. These functionalities are easily customizable so in most cases your price will be the starting price.

Follow the link below to have Sobetech create your iOS application

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