JEE Projects

Push Notification Server

Sobetech has developed a lightweight but powerful JEE server application to communicate with the Apple Push Notification Service.


SobeCloud is a JEE server application that allows iOS application clients to upload new data to their applications without forcing the users to update their application from the App Store. SobeCloud features versioning of data to allow the clients to prepare new data and inspect it before deploying it to the cloud. Once the user deploys the data to SobeCloud, iOS applications poll SobeCloud servers for XML metadata on the current contents of the data stored in SobeCloud. Then the iOS application will only load changes in the heavyweight objects such as images and video to provide iOS users fast response.

Global Aviation Fuel Sales System

Sobetech was instrumental in creating an application that consisted of several intranet browser-based workbenches used to work with an Oracle Financials upgrade. These workbenches encompassed Order Quoting, Order Billing, and Data Maintenance. While each workbench utilized their own specific logic sets, each workbench also was able to leverage common and inherited model objects as well as common logic and data access elements.

These workbenches are utilized on 5 continents and must maintain a 24/7 uptime. They also had to be utilized throughout the vertical organizational structure. Highly trained managers as well as temporary data entry personnel needed to utilize the system. I personally consulted with the business analysts as well as the stakeholders to ensure that the system would have not only maximum capabilities, but also be as intuitive as possible to limit the time necessary to train new personnel.

The architecture consisted of a Struts/JSP MVC Interface layer that controlled page flow, a Spring logic layer handling business logic, a Spring/iBatis layer handling database access to a Oracle 11i backend. Database access had several different forms. Basic CRUD and stored procedure calls utilized iBatis SQL maps. There were also several stored procedures that had Oracle SQLData objects as input/output parameters. In those cases Oracle specific JDBC calls were within the Spring database access layer. I also created a SOA prototype that replaced the Oracle specific JDBC calls with web service calls. Extensive use of application server caching was used to maximize the efficiency of the system as it related to limiting the calls to the database.

The user interface utilized a number of different AJAX elements to provide a richer user experience. These elements included auto-complete entry boxes, DOM manipulation of the screen structure based on user inputs, and input screen population based on a single field input.

Mobile Carrier Fraud Detection System

Cell TowerSobetech created a custom application to help a mobile carrier assist in the detection and investigation of fraud. the keystone in this process was the loading of all of the individual phone calls and SMS messages that a phone makes over a user selected time period. This is made especially difficult because of the vast volume of calls and messages made combined with the numbers of devices that the carrier provisioned.

Sobetech was able to optimize the data importation, querying and retrieval to deliver to a user ad-hoc snapshots of multiple device activities. The system was also able to apply custom algorithms to the data to generate alarms that fraud representatives were able to see in the system to do additional research