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C.E. Floyd Mobile Portfolio

C.E. Floyd is a general contractor and construction manger in the Northeast US. Their sales force is spread out over many states. Previously, they would send marketing materials to their sales members by email or as references to files located on shared drives. That tended to have each sales person with different materials. As they kept finishing new and diverse projects, the amount of materials became too large to carry. Imagine a big binder of print-outs and photos.

That is where the C.E. Floyd Mobile Portfolio comes to the rescue. Utilizing SobeCloud, C.E. Floyd has a centralized location for marketing materials for all of their previous projects. These projects are categorized with attributes to allow for easy indexing and searching. Each project location has their own photo album and location mapping. Existing PDF files for each location are still available from the Mobile Portfolio.

The Mobile Portfolio is better than a website because after the data is loaded into the application, it’s available even in Airplane Mode. If the potential customer wants a take-away, email it directly from the application. Are there new materials in Boston that would be perfect for the meeting in Hartford? Go to SobeCloud and send it to the Mobile Portfolio in seconds.


VisAmor Mobile Gallery

The VisAmor Mobile Gallery is app that displays the latest photos as well as some of the fan favorites from the VisAmor photographers. It has individual collections which contain a number of albums.It allows the users to show where individual photographs are taken to give ideas to fans on where to shoot their versions. It gets the latest images without having to force the users sync with iTunes. It also allows users to share their favorites over Twitter and e-mail.




Wall – Miami Beach

Get the OFFICIAL WALL Miami Beach App and get instant information about weekly events and promotions instantly to your iPhone. Add events to your phone’s calendar or send them via email to your friends with a touch of a button. Look at photos from the various nights and share them with your friends. The official WALL App will also allow you to make table reservations with ease.

A throwback to carefree decadence, boutique lounge WALL at W South Beach, has proven to be an impenetrably exclusive boîte in the heart of South Beach. The hotspot is the latest Miami project for restaurateurs and nightlife impresarios Karim Masri and Nicola Siervo, the masterminds behind KNR Group and projects including sought-after dining establishments such as Solea, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana and Sosta Pizzeria | Enoteca, as well as nightclubs Mokai and Mynt.

Part-owners in the venture include Director of Nightlife Navin Chatani and W South Beach Assistant Food & Beverage Director Jarred Grant. Straying from the traditional concepts of South Florida nightlife, the venue provides an intimate hideaway where celebrities and locals alike can relax and escape from the mayhem of South Beach.

All of the events and photo albums are maintained via SobeCloud. This allows Wall to post new events to users without delay. Changes happen quickly in the club world and the Wall using SobeCloud allows them to let their customers know what is happening without delays.









MyBartender allows bartenders connect with their customers. Customers know when and where their favorite bartenders are working. Bartenders can let their regulars know when they are working.

The bartenders themselves update their schedule via SobeCloud. This ensures that a MyBartender user has the latest information without forcing the user to perform application updates. MyBartender also utilizes Push Notifications to give instant updates on happenings.