Sobetech Demo Introduction

Welcome to the Sobetech iOS Demonstration Application.

This application will show you a number of the iOS development capabilities that Sobetech can deliver for you. This demonstrator is separated into 3 distinct sections:

  • Event Based Application – This is an application type used by anyone that has a multitude of events that are continuously updated over time. The data in this application is updated via SobeCloud so the users can get the new data without having to sync the application with iTunes. This kind of application also show maps to the events as well as photo and video galleries to promote previous events.
  • Photography Based Application – This is the ideal for the photographer looking to create a mobile gallery for their work. Photos can be separated into collections which contain albums. Albums contain photos which a user can peruse in an interface that is just like the native iPhone photo gallery
  • Musician/Performer Based Application – This kind of application showcases any number of musicians or performers. It also contains audio samples of the performer so the user can get a better idea on the performer and become further interested in the upcoming performance